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Ian Grant: consultant in plastic surgery, & hand surgery


I am based in Cambridge working in the NHS and privately. My areas of expertise are plastic surgery (including skin cancer, and microsurgery), cosmetic surgery, reconstruction after trauma, nerve surgery, hand surgery, and children’s hand surgery.

I have been a Consultant at Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge since 2005. I trained in medicine at Oxford University Medical School, and qualified as a doctor in 1991. I was awarded a Doctorate in Medicine for research on wound healing. I trained as a plastic surgeon in London (Mount Vernon Hospital), Salisbury, East Grinstead, and Cambridge, and undertook fellowship training in hand, and micro-surgery in Leeds and Melbourne Australia.

Skin lesions are examined with a dermatoscope (which in many cases can increase the confidence of a diagnosis and minimize any need for surgery).

I am an Honorary Senior Clinical Tutor for Cambridge University. I was the clinical director for plastic surgery at Addenbrooke's Hospital from 2010-2014.  I was the founding director of an annual two-day course on hand surgery and another on reconstructive surgery. I am regularly invited to lecture on plastic surgery, hand surgery, and peripheral nerve surgery. I have been awarded the Cardiff University / Bond Solon Certificate of Excellence for the provision of expert reports.

The COVID-19 pandemic ( and particularly the B1.1.7 variant) has changed how surgeons can work. At the moment consultations are limited to 30 minutes, patients cannot bring a friend, family-member, or partner into the hospital. Where appropriate I will need to wear an FFP3 mask and visor. For "see and treat" appointments for skin lesions patients are asked to send me images of the lesion before we can agree to surgery (Wendy or Sam in my office can explain how best to send an image).

Almost all surgeons are having COVID testing every week. Please do not come to the hospital if you might have COVID 19 symptoms or if you have had a potential COVID 19 contact.


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